What happened to Questech?
(too old to reply)
Gordon Murray
2003-11-02 12:38:46 UTC
I saw an old Questech 2U synchroniser on the repair pile the other day and
it made me wonder what happened to Questech.

I remember a small stand at IBC a few years back. The web site has now
fallen off the Internet.

I did a search on the net and the only thing I can find is about Bob Billing
who was head of software until 1996.

Anyone know any more?
Stephen Neal
2003-11-02 13:29:15 UTC
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Phil Crawley
2003-11-03 21:06:06 UTC
Post by Stephen Neal
They ceased trading a year or so ago I believe.
That's a shame - during my time in the Spur I repaired and operated a lot of
Charismas - nice clean pictures compared to ADO (the other DVE of the day).
The target address genarator and backward address genarator on the curvy
version ("CLEO"?) was a masterpiece of engineering.
Post by Stephen Neal
They also had a degree of
success in the late 80s/early90s with their SSVR - which was a RAM based
video recorder that allowed video / audio delays of the order of seconds to
be added to feeds to synchronise studios with satellite remotes etc.)
The graphics department at a facility I worked for used to lay off to one -
eventually via TCP/IP over 10-Base2 ethernet - a real innovation in the
early nineties!